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Podcasting for Hope
They aren’t a theology podcast, though we talk about theology. They aren’t a relationship podcast, though we talk about relationships. They aren’t a self-help podcast, though they would love to help you with yourself.

They are just two normal guys living this Jesus life and hoping to make a difference in this world. They want you to have hope, find freedom, and experience life to the full.

Brand Development
Web Presence
Print Collateral
Building the Brand
In the podcasting world, it is difficult to stand out. But we believe we accomplished just that. It is a simple, classic, and personality-driven brand. It provides the hosts confidence, professionalism, and authority to speak on their topics.
The Website

As a new podcast, it was important to express the podcast’s personality and provide great value to its listeners. We believe we accomplished both of these goals with show notes, easy to navigate UX, and action steps.

Be Social

The target demographics are on Social Media platforms and they needed a voice for Instagram. We created a voice of inspiration, joy-filled, and curated.

This was accomplished with a highly curated Instagram account with professional quality photos and constant communication. Drawing in their audience through targeted ads.

Highly Relational
Life Fulfillment

Origins Group